The Ghana Police Service

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) is headed by an Inspector General of Police who is assisted by two deputies – one responsible for administration, the other for operations. The police service has more than 23000 officers and is made up of regional and divisional commands across Ghana which report directly to the Accra based headquarters.The GPS objectives include :

  • Life and property protection;
  • Crime detection and prevention;
  • Disaster prevention and response;
  • Regulation and monitoring of the entry, stay and exit of non-Ghanaians and traveling public;
  • Development of an efficient and humane custodial reformatory system; and
  • Development of a good public relations system.

Oversight Mechanisms

Ghana has Police Service Instructions developed by the Inspector- General of Police under the Constitution and the Police Service Act which govern internal disciplinary process. In addition regional commanders provide oversight over the police officers. In terms of external oversight mechanisms there is a Public Council, a constitutional body mandated with an advisory role to the President on policing , Regional Police Councils which support the work of the Police Council. The Ghana Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice which has been in operation since 1993  is constitutionally mandated to  look into human rights complaints, injustice, corruption or unfair treatment by a public official. It has done great work in addressing the police complaints it receives.

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