Polícia da República da Moçambique

The police service in Mozambique falls under the control of the Ministry of Interior and is called the Polícia da República da Moçambique, which translates to Mozambique Republic Police (MRP) in English. The MRP is a national body that falls under the control of the Ministry of the Interior and is headed by a General Commander, who is appointed by the President.

The MRP is comprised up of three separate units:

  • Public Order and Security Police;
  • Criminal Investigative Police; and
  • Special Forces Police

The Special Forces unit is subdivided into specialized units, including the Rapid Reaction Force, Forces Responsible for Protection, and Border Guards, as well as special task forces responsible for dealing with various crimes, including car theft and organised crime.

Oversight Mechanisms

Oversight of the MRP is primarily handled internally by a disciplinary body situated within the leadership structure of the police. Additionally, the MRP has established a system of Public Complaints Books, where complaints books are kept by police stations and posts to enable members of the public to lodge complaints against the police for misconduct. According to the Mozambican League for Human Rights, however, very few complaints have been submitted to the Public Prosecution Service, the reasons for which remain unclear.

Although the Attorney-General and judiciary are potential mechanisms of oversight, these bodies have been characterised as weak due to serious understaffing and funding, and are therefore vulnerable to political influence and interference.

An important mechanism of oversight is the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the National Assembly, which has investigated police corruption in the past. Additionally, some non-governmental organisations, including the Mozambican Human Rights League (MHRL) and Human Rights and Development (HRD), have raised issues relating to the police through human rights awareness campaigns and encouraged the reporting of police abuse of power.

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