Royal Swaziland Police

The Royal Swaziland Police was created in 1907 and falls under the Prime Minister’s office.  The Police Commissioner is responsible for its administration and is directly accountable to the King of Swaziland, who acts as the Commissioner-in-Chief of the Police. The Royal Swaziland Police vision is creating a secure and peaceful environment permitting all to live free of the fear of crime. Its objectives include:

  • To maintain peace and public order;
  • To prevent and detect crime;
  • To control traffic and reduce accidents;
  • To pursue and apprehend offenders and bring them to justice;
  • To execute court summons and subpoenas;
  • To enforce state law;
  • To collate information on internal state security; and
  • To provide security to Royalty and VIPs.

Oversight Mechanisms

An internal complaints and discipline unit investigates reports of human rights abuses by police but the results of the investigations are not made available to the public. A constitutional body the Commission on Human Rights and Public Administration (CHRPA) was created to investigate complaints of constitutional rights violations, injustice, corruption, abuse of power and unfair treatment by public officials. It also functions as an Integrity Commission which requires transparency and accountability of public leaders. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Courts, Office of the Auditor General, Police Service Charter and a number of Non –Governmental Organizations also provide an oversight role.

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