Sierra Leone Police

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is headed by an Inspector General of Police (IGP) who is appointed personally by the Sierra Leone President.  The IGP is assisted by six Assistant Inspector Generals of Police. The SLP Mandate include:

  • To Prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • Protect life and property;
  • Identify and prosecute offenders;
  • Maintain public order;
  • Ensure national safety and security;
  • Keep Sierra Leone roads and drivers safe; and
  • Provide easy access to the Sierra Leone justice system.

Oversight Mechanisms

In October 2015 an Independent Police Complaints Board (IPCB) was launched to ensure greater accountability of the police to the people of Sierra Leone.The IPCB will not only investigate allegations of abuse of police brutality but will also track complaints over time to establish any trends or pattern of abuse by police including in specific regions or districts.

Section 156 of the Constitution outlines the establishment of the Police Council and  prescribes its composition. The functions of the Police Council include advising the  President on all major matters of policy relating to internal security including the role of the Police force, Police budgeting, finance administration and any other matter as the President shall require. The Constitution of Sierra Leone also provides legal authority for parliamentary oversight of government agencies, including ministries, the defence sector and security and intelligence agencies. The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Defence, Internal and Presidential Affairs (POCDI&PA) is specifically responsible for oversight of the security sector.

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